Strengthening Families, not Orphanages in Southern Africa 

Partner: Hope and Homes for Children

Challenge: Orphanages do not protect children. They harm them. But despite evidence and better solutions, support for childcare institutions persists. How can Hope and Homes for Children and their partners in Southern Africa better communicate about the urgency of eradicating the institutional care of children and build a movement for change? 

Approach: Consultations with Hope and Homes for Children and their partners in the region revealed a need to explore how policy and decision makers perceived institutional care and how to best frame the issue. In partnership with a local consultant, we conducted interviews with over 50 key informants. These provided deep insights on how regional leaders understood the situation of children, the challenge of caring for girls and boys outside of family care, and what messages and communications strategies were most likely to be effective. Based on the research, we developed a comprehensive communications and advocacy strategy. 

Results: Hope and Homes for Children and its allies have used the recommendations for the report to build a growing movement in the region.